Gift of Nature (GONa) is a project of ROADRACTSC. It is the COOP's first venture into marketing of products and services not related to transportation in relation to our conversion as a Multi-Purpose Cooperative. GONa will feature a lot of products primarily from NATURE or to be simplified as ORGANIC. In this project we will use an MLM system which is a proven method to spread a particular project rapidly.

This will supplement our economic condition as well as our health issues. This will also serves as a livelihood project of ROADRACTSC to existing members and others who will join the project as a reseller of the products or services.

ROADRACTSC stands for Renters, Operators And Drivers Rent A Car Transport Service Cooperative it is commonly known as ROAD Rent A Car. It is a Cooperative duly registered with Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). ROADRACTSC is compliant with different business registration requirements of the Government.

Started its pre-organization on October 10, 2015 and fully registered on January 5,2016 after passing with all Government requirements. Today, in its 5th year of operation, the Coop have decided to amend its operation to a Multi-purpose Cooperative to venture into different business such as credit, marketing of non-transport related products and services, consultancy, trainings, information technology (IT) business and other business ventures.